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Bike 7 Dry Lubricate

  • Bike 7 Dry Lubricate


Low friction

Race conditions

For dry and dusty weather


After a thorough cleaning, your bike also needs to be lubricated.

Most lubricants are not pressure resistant.

This means that the lubrication effect is lost as soon as it is put under pressure.

So choose a durable lubrication with Lubricate.

Lubricate is a transparent PTFE-based lubricant for eliminating prolonged friction.

Lubricate Dry is an ultra-thin lubricant with a high penetrating power for deep lubrication.

The Dry version is less sticky than Lubricate Wet.


  • Especially for racing bikes that tend to get less dirty after a ride than e.g. mountain bikes.
  • Suitable for dry and damp race courses.