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Bike 7 Pro Seal

  • Bike 7 Pro Seal
Pro Seal - bottle 125ml


Pro Seal is a latex emulsion that quickly fixes punctures in all tubeless tyres, whether they are mountain- or racing tyres. Pro Seal is applied through the valve or poured directly into the partially dismantled tyre and provides effective immediate repair.


Prevents and fixes punctures in all tubeless tyres.


Dismantled tyre:

  • New tyre: clean the inside with Bike7 Degrease and wipe off.
  • Mount one side of the tyre and keep the wheel straight.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously and pour the required amount directly into the tyre, keeping the bottle upright.
  • Mount the tyre completely.

Mounted tyre, using the 125 ml bottle.

  • Remove the valve core and position the wheel, valve down, vertically without crushing the rim to the ground.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously, cut the spout 2 mm from the end and pour the required amount directly through the valve, keeping the bottle upright.
  • Reassemble the valve.

Inflate the tyre :

  • Gently turn the wheel all the way round.
  • Inflate the tyre until it sits correctly.
  • Rotate and wobble the wheel for ±1 minute to get a good distribution of the Bike7 Pro Seal.
  • Adjust the tyre pressure to your liking.

Road tyre (23-30 mm): 60 ml / tyre and mountain bike tyre (29”, 2.0-2.4): 100 ml / tyre.

For larger tyres, a larger quantity is recommended. For increased protection, a larger amount of product can be used.  

Effective life between 3 and 8 months, depending on conditions. Check the fluidity of the product every month and top up if necessary.