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Cycle to Work Scheme allowance increased to €3000 for Cargo bikes
24th Oct 2022

Cycle to Work Scheme allowance increased to €3000 for Cargo bikes

As part of the 2022 Finance Bill it has been announced to increase the limit for Cargo Bikes in the revised Bike to Work Scheme. Individuals will be able to receive an allowance of up to €3000 towards the purchase of a Cargo bike. Cargo bikes are bikes that are specifically designed to carrying additional load or passengers, either at the front or the rear of the bike. Cargo bikes provide a great alternative to those that may use their car to make very short journeys to drop their kids to school and then often continue their journey to work by car where they might otherwise consider cycling the entire route if they were able to transport the kids by bike. Cargo bikes mean that people can make many journeys that might otherwise take place by car.

Cargo bikes have been popular in mainland Europe for many years where they are used to bring kids to school and transport shopping, providing a great alternative to a car. Their use in Ireland has started to become in the last number of years and it is hoped that this increased allowance will make Cargo bikes more affordable to Irish families. Check out our range of Cargo Bikes here